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Workshop Materials

Mentoring Workshop Day 1 (Winter 2021)

Mentoring Workshop Day 2 (Winter 2021)

Tools for Mentors

Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring (subscribe for free!)

Getting Started

Goal-Setting Activity From Canata, A. (ed.). (2006). Ongoing Training for Mentors, Mentoring Resource Center.

Values Clarification Activity

How to Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths (Thanks, Dorina!)

KCC Resources (If you need to make a referral)

Some Time Management Suggestions and Tools for Students

Russell Brand’s Top Five Ways to Beat Procrastination (funny with some good tips)

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator (funny 11 minute TED talk with a good message)

The Pomodoro Technique (good strategy to deal with procrastination)

General Semester Plan (for students to complete)

Mindset Theory – Can be shared with students who see themselves as “not good” at something (fixed mindset) so they can understand how the brain can change (growth mindset)


Growing your Mind

The Power of Belief


On Mentoring (General)


Community College Mentoring: Minority Student Perception

The impact of mentoring on the success of community college students

It takes a mentor

Mentoring at community college: Helping students succeed

The value of mentoring programs in community college

I want to do that by Paul Ricciardi


The Elements of Mentoring

On Being a Mentor

The Mentor’s Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships

On Mentoring First-Generation Students


Understanding the Memorable Messages First-Generation College Students Receive from On-Campus Mentors

Mentors help first-generation college students succeed

How to help first-generation students succeed

Talking about social class eases achievement gap: Implications for mentoring

Q & A with Professor Buffy Smith, author of new book that explores mentoring high risk college students

First-Generation Students (General)


Retention of students from first generation and low income backgrounds

First generation students: Undergraduates whose parents never enrolled in postsecondary education 


Center for First-Generation Student Success

Mindset Theory

Carol Dweck on Mindset (video)

How Praise is Harming Youth

Mindset Syllabus

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing


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